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Angies List Member Comments:
"Elite Green Cleaning comes to my apartment in the City every other week.  They always do a fabulous job, way better than I could.  And I love coming home to a fresh smelling home!  The cleaning staff is professional, friendly, and very trustworthy.  Joanne, the owner, is very flexible when I need to reschedule a cleaning.  Likewise, she always contacts me well in advance if she needs to make a change."
                                                               M.C., Rochester, NY
                                                               February 2015

"[The cleaners} clean our house (all three floors, 5 bedroom, 4 baths) every two weeks.  They go above and beyond in their cleaning efforts. Our house is approximately 5000 sq. ft. and the two of them are done in four hours. They use green cleaning products, which are a must because of a medical condition. They are friendly with us, our dog and they are good about dealing with our escape artist cat. Barely anything is out of place once they leave, which is very helpful to me. We highly recommend them as a cleaning service."
                                                              L.P., Pittsford, NY
                                                               March 2014
"I contacted Elite on Saturday about cleaning in preparation for calling hours to be held on Tuesday afternoon.  Joanne & her crew were on site Monday morning. Cleaned entry/foyer; living room, dining room, den, sun porch (approx. 1,800 sf?) from top to bottom.     
Joanne was very professional, and extremely accomodating of this 11th hour request.  She was on top of all the details, was polite and respectful to her cleaning crew, and to me and my family!  Even to the point of ferrying her employees (and me!) to and from the house since the street was getting "chip-sealed" that day and we couldn't park on the street.  The products she used are environmentally friendly and left no "after-odors."   Thorough job - including wiping down crown molding; polishing mirrors; and scouring iron heat vents.  They did a fantastic job.   I had asked if possible to "spiff up" the frontdoor area - it was swept, mopped - looked wonderful.
I recommend this firm w/out reservation - and plan to ask them to give me an estimate on regular cleaning of my own house."
                                                       A.D., Rochester, NY
                                                           July  2013

"They are very professional and do a good job. Their prices are reasonable, they are accommodating to schedule and are very trustworthy."  
                                                          A.F., Rochester, NY
                                                          August 2012

"I've never used a cleaning service before, so I have nothing to compare to, but I was extremely pleased with the experience.  Elite Green Cleaning sent [the cleaner] to my house--what a nice person!    The products that she cleaned with did not affect my allergies, and when she finished the house sparkled!  This may have been my first time, but it won't be my last.  She is coming again next week."
                                                         A.B., Webster, NY

                                                              April 2011

"The [cleaner] did a nice job. Joanne the Owner was very prompt and accommodating to the schedule and
requirements of the job."
                                                                 S. G., Rochester, NY (landlord)
                                                         August 2010

"I'd have no problems letting them in and then leaving for the day if needed. The apartment smelled fresh and clean when I came home and it was really nice to arrive to that atmosphere. He even left a piece of chocolate on my pillow. The attention to detail and quality of service makes this a place I would recommend to friends and use myself!"
                                                                 L.P., Rochester, NY
                                                                 Feb. 2010

"The owner of the service, Joanne, was very conscientious about following up with me to set up an appointment despite my having an erratic schedule. [She] explained precisely what would be done, provided an estimate and also explained what is not included. The service she provided surpassed my expectations and was undoubtedly the best cleaning our house has received. Even though I'm not a great housekeeper myself, I am pretty picky and can say that no corners were cut -- the house is clean literally from top to bottom and for what I believe was a fair price under the circumstances."
                                                         C.S., Pittsford, NY  
                                                         December 2009

"Very punctual, uses all natural, eco-friendly cleaning products, lots of attention to detail."
                                                           L.R., Webster, NY
                                                           March 2009

"They do an excellent job. They work well along with each customer's needs within each house. They are very friendly. It's usually one person."
                                                           K.K., Rochester, NY
                                                           June 2008

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