Elite Green Cleaning, LLC

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Cleaning Checklist

        Whole House Cleaning (excludes attic/basement)


*      Complete Dusting

*      Remove Cobwebs

*      Vacuum Carpets

*    Sweep/Wash Floors

*      Dust Ceiling Fans

*      Clean Mirrors, Windowsills, Other Surfaces

*      Remove Finger Smudges on Walls, Doors

*      Sanitize Doorknobs & Handles

*    Trash Removal

        In the Kitchen

      *     Clean/Sanitize Countertops and other surfaces
     *     Clean Interior/Exterior Microwave
*     Wipe Down Cabinet Facings / Knobs
*     Clean/Polish Exterior of Appliances 
*     Clean/Sanitize Sinks/Faucets
*     Dust Light Fixtures/Bulbs
*     Wash/Sanitize Floors

       In the Bathroom

      *      Clean/Sanitize Sinks/Faucets
     *      Clean/Sanitize Tubs, Showers, Toilets
*    Clean Mirrors
*      Dust Light Fixtures/Bulbs
*      Polish Fixtures
*      Wash/Sanitize Floors

       In the Bedroom

       *    Dust all furniture, Clean Mirrors and surfaces    
     *      Vacuum Carpet/Dust Floors


      Initial Home Cleaning

      *      Includes All Services Above + Dry/Wet-wipe Baseboards,  Moldings, Doors/Cabinets, etc.

     Miscellaneous As Needed


*      Clean Interior Windows / Glass on Framed Art, etc.

*    Some Other Cleaning Services Available Upon Request

Includes cleaning interior of oven, cabinets, drawers, closets.
Sanitation of entire home.  Basement and attic upon request.

                                    Gift Certificates Available

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